The International Workers Alliance of Rank-and-File Committees

Berlin transport workers support struggle of US rail workers

This letter was sent by the Berlin Transport Workers Action Committee to the Railroad Workers Rank-and-File Committee in the United States which is organising workers in opposition to the White House-brokered sellout contract announced last week to block a national strike.

Berlin Transport Workers Action Committee

Catastrophic situation at Berlin children’s hospitals

The Berlin Children’s Hospitals Initiative has sent a second “open letter” drawing attention to the devastating situation at children’s hospitals and child emergency centres in the capital.

Carola Kleinert, Markus Salzmann

Child hunger “single biggest challenge” facing UK schools

The Chefs in Schools charity reports a “heart-breaking” increase in hungry children, with school chefs “actively going out and finding the kids who are hiding in the playground because they don’t think they can get a meal and feeding them.”

Julie Hyland

Diary of a socialist Amazon worker: Bezos, the royalist

Wading into the debate that followed the death of Queen Elizabeth was none other than the founder of the company where I work, mega-billionaire Jeff Bezos, who rushed to the queen’s defense.

Austin Bailey
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