Socialist Equality Party (US) 2022 Seventh National Congress

From July 31 to August 5, 2022, the Socialist Equality Party (US) held its Seventh National Congress. The Congress took place amidst an escalating US-NATO war against Russia in Ukraine, the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, a growing political crisis within the United States, and the eruption working-class struggles internationally.

The Congress began with a tribute to Wije Dias, long-time general secretary of the SEP (Sri Lanka), who passed away on July 27. Reposted below is a statement by the International Committee of the Fourth International published on the eve of the Congress.

The Congress adopted unanimously a series of resolutions, published below, on the most essential political issues confronting the working class. There were detailed reports on each of these resolutions, which we will publish in the coming days. The Congress also received greetings from leading members of the ICFI, which will also be published on this page.

The Congress elected a new National Committee, the leading body of the party. David North was reelected as national chairman. The incoming National Committee reelected Joseph Kishore as national secretary, Lawrence Porter as assistant national secretary, and Barry Grey as World Socialist Web Site national editor.

Congress resolutions
Reports to the Congress
Greetings from the International Committee of the Fourth International