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Can you donate $5 to the World Socialist Web Site today? We are asking all our readers to make a contribution today to help sustain and expand our coverage.

The world situation contains both enormous dangers and enormous possibilities. The US and NATO powers are relentlessly escalating the war drive against Russia over Ukraine, and Biden is in Asia now to drum up support for a conflict with China.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed at least 15 million people worldwide, continues to spread and evolve. The ruling class is promoting fascistic forces throughout the world. There are growing signs of economic crisis, and surging inflation is throwing millions into poverty.

At the same time, there is a growing movement of workers in every country, from the mass demonstrations in Sri Lanka against the Rajapakse government and IMF-imposed austerity, to strikes by bus workers in Iran, construction workers in Canada and oil workers in the UK, to the mass protests of nurses and health care workers in the United States.

The development and expansion of the class struggle is the essential basis for the fight against war, the pandemic, the assault on democratic rights, and social inequality. It is through the class struggle that capitalism can be opposed and a future opened up for mankind.

The World Socialist Web Site is the voice of the working class and the leadership of the international socialist movement. Each new stage in the crisis requires that we expand our work, increase our outreach, and develop our technical infrastructure.

A donation of just $5 today from all our regular readers will make an enormous difference. Please donate today!

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