Letters to the Soviet Union

David North’s November 1989 trip to the Soviet Union and the publication of the Russian Bulletin from 1989 to 1994 created the basis for an extensive correspondence by North with dozens of workers and youth from the Soviet Union. We are publishing a selection of these letters here, many of them for the first time.

This correspondence testifies both to the great interest in Trotskyism at the time, and the principled approach toward matters of history, political analysis and theory that the ICFI took in clarifying fundamental issues in the working class.

We are also publishing on this page Trotsky’s letter to the workers of the USSR from 21 April, 1940, one of the last pieces he wrote before his death at the hands of a Stalinist agent in Mexico just four months later, on August 21.

David North lecturing at the Moscow Historical Archival Institute.