International Committee of the Fourth International, August 1986
How the Workers Revolutionary Party Betrayed Trotskyism

In 1985, after a protracted process of political degeneration, the Workers Revolutionary Party, the former British section of the ICFI, broke decisively from Trotskyism.

In May-June 1986, the International Committee of the Fourth International met and made an exhaustive analysis of the theoretical, political and historical issues involved in the WRP’s degeneration and collapse. How the Workers Revolutionary Party Betrayed Trotskyism demonstrated that the crisis in the WRP was bound up with its retreat from the principles that the British Trotskyists had previously defended in the founding of the ICFI itself and, later, in their struggle against the unprincipled reunification carried out by the American Socialist Workers Party with the Pabloites in 1963.

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  1. Editorial
  2. Why the WRP Collapsed
  3. Internationalism and the Fight for Trotskyism in Britain
  4. Conflict with the OCI
  5. The Founding of the Workers Revolutionary Party
  6. The Expulsion of Alan Thornett
  7. 1975: The Year of the Great Shift
  8. The Labour Government in Crisis
  9. The Trial of the “Observer” Lawsuit
  10. The Fourth Congress of March 1979
  11. The Election Campaign
  12. The Degeneration of the Party Regime
  13. The Right-Centrist Leaven of Ultra-Left Downsliding
  14. 1981: The WRP Embraces the Popular Front
  15. All Power to the GLC!
  16. The WRP Attacks the Trade Unions
  17. Towards a Party of Law and Order
  18. The WRP Abandons the Proletariat of the Backward Countries
  19. The Evolution of WRP Policy in the Middle East
  20. Perspectives of the Fourth Congress of the WRP (March 1979)
  21. The WRP Betrays the Zimbabwean Revolution
  22. The WRP Betrays the Arab Masses
  23. The Aftermath of the Congress
  24. Libya: How the Bloc Looked in Practice
  25. How Healy Courted the Ba’athists
  26. The Outbreak of the Iran-Iraq War
  27. A Mission for S. Michael
  28. The Malvinas War: How Healy Worked as an Imperialist Stooge
  29. How Healy “Defended” the PLO
  30. The WRP and the Irish Struggle: A Case of Chauvinist Hypocrisy
  31. The WRP in Crisis
  32. The Idealist Distortion of Materialist Dialectics
  33. Opposition Inside the International Committee
  34. Youth Training: A Fabian Escapade
  35. The WRP Defends Stalinism
  36. Strange Interlude: The 1983 Elections
  37. “Dizzy with Success”—The Sixth Congress of the WRP
  38. The Beginning of the End: The WRP and the NGA Dispute
  39. Conflict within the International Committee
  40. The WRP Betrays the Miners Strike
  41. The 10th Congress of the International Committee
  42. The 10 Stupidities of C. Slaughter
  43. The WRP Breaks with Trotskyism
  44. Conclusion