Fourth International 1992: The end of the Soviet Union

Resolution Seven: Support the Miners of Vorkuta

This resolution was adopted at the World Conference of Workers against Imperialist War and Colonialism, held in Berlin on November 16-17, 1991 under the auspices of the International Committee of the Fourth International.

As a result of the criminal program of capitalist restoration pursued by the Stalinist bureaucracy and the comprador agents of imperialism in the USSR, millions of Soviet workers and their families are now threatened with hunger and deprivation. This winter holds especially great danger for the miners of Vorkuta in the Soviet Arctic. They and their families are in desperate need of medicine and other pharmaceutical supplies, which are no longer provided by the central government. Therefore, in response to a direct appeal from miners representatives, the ICFI calls upon all sections to assist these brother miners by raising the resources necessary to obtain the required medical supplies.