Fourth International 1992: The end of the Soviet Union

Resolution Six: Open the Archives of the KGB!

This resolution was adopted at the World Conference of Workers against Imperialist War and Colonialism, held in Berlin on November 16-17, 1991 under the auspices of the International Committee of the Fourth International.

The International Workers Conference of the Fourth International demands that the archives of the KGB and its predecessor, the GPU, be opened in order to completely expose all their crimes against members of the Left Opposition and the Fourth International, and against revolutionary workers around the world. We demand that those responsible be named and punished.

Notwithstanding the pretensions of the present rulers in the Soviet Union, who claim to break with Stalinism and to introduce democracy, not a single one of the countless acts of violence committed by the KGB or the GPU has been uncovered so far. Those whose hands are dripping with the blood of tens of thousands of proletarian revolutionaries are still at large, enjoying their privileges. The oppressive apparatus of the KGB is being carefully maintained, preparing for further crimes against the working class.

In particular, the Fourth International demands the disclosure of the details concerning the murder of Leon Trotsky, Lenin’s comrade-in-arms, builder of the Red Army, founder of the Left Opposition and of the Fourth International, who was killed by a GPU agent, Ramon Mercader, on August 20, 1940, in Mexico.

Who participated in the planning of this murder? What are the names of the agents who penetrated into the Fourth International in order to destroy it and to kill its leading cadre?

Some of these agents have already been exposed through the efforts of the Fourth International: the Soblen brothers, who penetrated into the German section of the Left Opposition during the late 1920s, Mark Zborowski, who wormed himself into the confidence of Trotsky’s son and comrade-in-arms, Leon Sedov, and organized the murder of Sedov, as well as of Trotsky’s secretaries Erwin Wolf and Rudolf Klement. There is overwhelming evidence that Joseph Hansen, Trotsky’s secretary in Coyoacan, was working for the GPU. But there were many more, whose names were never disclosed.

We demand the exposure and punishment of those who, behind the front lines of the Spanish Civil War, in the Siberian camps and in the forced labor camps of Vorkuta, shot tens of thousands of Trotskyists.