Video: The health crisis and Australia’s new anti-democratic electoral laws

The crisis in Australia’s public health system is the outcome of decades of cuts by Labor and Liberal-National Coalition governments. Even before the coronavirus was allowed to spread across New South Wales and Victoria, Australia’s most populous states, the health system was on the brink of collapse. Demands on health workers now are unbearable.

In this video the Socialist Equality Party (SEP) explains the impossible situation facing health workers and its relationship with the new anti-democratic electoral laws, rushed through the Australian parliament with bipartisan support on August 26.

The health crisis and Australia’s new anti-democratic electoral laws

Under the new legislation, 36 political parties, including the SEP, who do not have members of parliament, will be deregistered if they do not submit lists of 1,500 members, treble the previous number, by December 2. If deregistered their candidates will not have their party name on ballot papers during federal elections.

The laws are designed to prevent the rising opposition to the perspective of the establishment parliamentary parties finding an independent and socialist expression. The SEP is the only organisation conducting a public campaign against these laws and only the SEP fights for the elimination of COVID-19 worldwide—for a healthcare system based on human life, not profit.

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