Workers and youth in Britain say why they are attending Sunday’s webinar: “How to end the pandemic”

The World Socialist Web Site spoke to workers intending to join the “How to end the pandemic” webinar on Sunday to discuss how to end the current COVID-19 pandemic as it resurges across wide areas of the planet.

Peter, a senior health care worker at a hospital in north west England, said, “I support the call for science to be used in the interests of the vast majority to wipe out COVID-19. Principled epidemiologists and scientists have made the case for the successful eradication of the virus not in years but weeks and months. Workers cannot live in a cycle of preventable death and illness and indifference.

“Trade unions leaders say nothing as workers are forced back to work and Labour Party leader Keir Starmer was the staunchest advocate of sending children back to schools. The call for the building of an International Workers Alliance of Rank-and-File Committees is already gaining momentum and it is these committees, independent of the nationalist trade unions and leaderships, that are leading the fight back.

“It’s great to see David O'Sullivan taking part as a representative of the rank-and-file of London bus drivers. Dave was sacked and victimised for standing up for these scientific truths and political principles, and for calling for the protection of life over the bus companies’ profits. COVID-19 can be eradicated. But it will take the political struggle, life over profit, and armed with a scientific programme against herd immunity and limited mitigation, to achieve this goal.

“Eradication is possible but can only be achieved through a scientific and political struggle. The scientists now stepping forward have shown not only great principle but great courage and will be supported strongly by workers the world over. Dr. Michael Baker, Dr. Gurdasani, Dr. Gasperowicz, Dr. Feigl-Ding and the others participating in the webinar, including the courageous school strike organiser Lisa Diaz, are gaining more and more support from the international working class because they speak the truth, and they place human life above all other interests.”


Helena, who works as a civil servant, said, “I will be attending the meeting because it’s vital that we develop a global approach to tackling the problems of Covid-19 among our communities.

“In the UK, parents are being told that they must send their children to schools where Covid is rife among students and no mitigations are in place. As a society, many have been brainwashed into believing that the pandemic is over. The media are no longer reporting on the steady increase in cases, hospitalisation and deaths.

“I want to play my part in making sure that those of us who care take a strong and coordinated approach to raising awareness of the realities of Covid and its impact on all of us.”

Michelle from Wiltshire, England said, “I want to hear from eminent scientists who do not agree with the current UK rhetoric of living with the virus. It’s not acceptable to allow children to get infected. As a science teacher, currently out of the profession, I have an interest in the scientific debate about the coronavirus pandemic.

“With the media pushing the ‘back to normal’ message and how we must learn to ‘live with the virus’, it is no wonder that UK citizens choose not to wear a mask. The government in parliament have also reinforced this message with no mask wearing. And now, with unnecessarily high case rates our National Health Service is at breaking point and shockingly still no leadership from government. Just guidance.

“Meanwhile parents like myself have the agonising choice of sending our children to school where there are no mitigations, mask wearing, improved ventilation, or to keep them home and be bullied for non-attendance, face threats of fines or prosecution.

“It is school’s legal responsibility to ensure health and safety of children. However, how can they implement a mask mandate for unvaccinated children against the lack of mask wearing amongst adults? I find it particularly divisive that there is no more isolation of close contacts and schools are refusing to inform parents of cases within a class. As a parent I don't know what more I can do but write to headteachers, public health leaders, my MP, to push for greater mitigations, and to take part in the SchoolStrike2021.”

James, a probationary teacher from Manchester, explained, “The situation is surreal. All this sickness and mortality is normalized. The UK has one of the highest infection rates. I go in schools and the places are packed, no masks.

“I’m enjoying the job, but it’s depressing to enter the profession you really care about and see its current state. Kids have really struggled, they’re out of their routine, they’re struggling with mental health. Most teachers are doing all they can. It feels like we’re being attacked from all angles from the Tory party, and the cherry on the top is the pay freeze. We’ve put in our heart and soul, working during the pandemic, at the expense of our own well-being, and what do we get in return—a pay cut!”

Online, Su, a mother of a teenager with Down’s Syndrome in a special school, wrote, “Value information from the scientists. UK schools very few mitigation measures and high levels of Covid19. Thank you to all the scientists taking part.”

Marion wrote, “Because I can’t stand this Tory government, they are tearing everything apart, and causing so much damage.”

Kate says, “We need a global response to the pandemic, something which is not ever discussed in the mainstream media.”

Kate wrote that she was attending, “Because I want to see an elimination strategy adopted in the UK and more people to understand that scientifically, it's possible, desirable and the only real way forward.”

Ann said, “I need to keep up with my knowledge so that I can challenge people spreading misinformation regarding the vaccine and the virus.”

Marlyn explained, “ I don't want a world of threats and risk. That's the world we live in—awful, barbaric. I want to know the arguments as to how we can eradicate COVID and be able to persuade friends.”

Sarah was, “Looking forward to hearing from experts on the subject as there is too much misinformation out there in the media.”

Shiromi commented, “This pandemic has been such a menace to this whole world. So I am really interested how it can be eradicated forever.”

Sean was “Concerned for my grandchildren and the world they will inherit due to my lacking of trust in the political leaders utilising the pandemic to further their wealth and wield their power.”

Daniella said, “Children are dying from a preventable disease and they’re the most innocent in society and the least protected.”

Amy wrote, “I support the work done by WSWS & Safe Education For All campaigning to protect children, families, and communities. Looking forward to listening to all the speakers at this event.”

Claire was attending, “Because I am firmly behind this initiative, and have also been working in the UK with SafeEdForAll [Safe Education for All], The Hive and F4VL to achieve this.”

Jane Hale wanted “To get the facts from people I trust.”

Sophy said, “My choice is to keep shielding behind four walls (not psychologically or financially practical long-term as I’m only 40!) or risk my life in a society where very few people are wearing masks or being socially responsible. I fear for the future of myself, my family and my fellow citizens. Some of the people you have on this panel have been part of helping me feel like we haven’t been completely forgotten.”

Mohammed wrote, “I want to do as much as possible and learn more on what I can do to educate more people on the truth.”

Celia explained, “I greatly respect the contributors to this event and feel helped by their expertise and honesty.”

Graham is “Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, Housebound, determined to promote eradication as the only egalitarian solution.”

Katie explained, “I'm a parent of a primary age child who is now being non-educated due to the lack of safety mitigations in school.”

Emmy wrote, “Our Clinically Extremely Vulnerable and Clinically Vulnerable have had their human rights breached and abandoned by this Government. Fighting 4 Vulnerable Lives are fighting for our most vulnerable in society, social deprivation pre-pandemic was devastating lives, now it's criminal!”

Scott said simply, “We have to fight to eradicate the virus!”

Register for the webinar here, invite your co-workers, friends and family and promote the event as widely as possible on social media.