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Biden announces trip to Michigan amid autoworker demands for all-out strike

President Biden announced on Friday a plan to “join the picket line” on Tuesday in Michigan as part of arrangements with the UAW bureaucracy to contain the growing struggle of autoworkers against the UAW’s refusal to call all 150,000 members onto the picket lines.

Kevin Reed

Australia: Molycop slashes 250 steelworker jobs in Newcastle

The union leadership is promoting the conception that “nothing can be done” in order to allow the plant to run without disruption and ensure the smoothest possible transition of workers onto the scrapheap.

Martin Scott

Signs of political instability in Chinese regime

In just two months, China’s foreign minister has been removed and the defence minister has been absent from public view for weeks. These unexplained events point to growing political tensions and infighting within the Beijing regime.

Peter Symonds

Ukraine war funding emerges as central issue in US budget impasse

McCarthy has put forward a continuing resolution that would fund the government at a sharply reduced rate through October to keep the government running while he works to hash out a budget deal with the Biden White House and the Democratic-controlled Senate. It does not include funding for the Ukraine war.

Barry Grey

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

China: Electronics factory workers in Guangdong province strike; Bangladeshi land port workers walk out over pay; Australia: Power generating workers in Queensland take industrial action; 1,000 Inghams poultry processing workers strike.

Consultant psychiatrist speaks on UK’s joint junior-senior doctors strike

An NHS consultant said, “Ideally, I’d like to be seeing more actions taken across professions. I’m very much interested in general actions. Whether it’s with the railway workers, the postal workers, these are problems that are being felt because of the cost-of-living crisis across the board. I don’t see these problems as being relegated to single domains, as if our interests were somehow independent of other professions.”

Our reporters

New Zealand medical laboratory workers strike

The Awanui laboratory workers have joined a series of strikes by healthcare workers, who confront a worsening staffing crisis and soaring living costs.

John Braddock, Tom Peters

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

One-day national stoppage by public sector workers in Greece against anti-labour law criminalising picketing and removing limits to working hours; teachers in Portugal hold week-long strike over pay, contracts and for more staff; Iranian regime introduces draconian legislation as protests and strikes mark anniversary of death of Mahsa Amini at the hands of morality police; teachers in Plateau State Nigeria plan walkout over salary arrears but union have not set date

New Zealand election debate points to bipartisan agenda of austerity and war

The televised leaders’ debate underscores that both the incumbent Labour Party and the opposition National Party are committed to strengthening New Zealand’s role in the US-led war drive against China and Russia, while slashing spending on public services amid the worsening cost-of-living crisis.

Tom Peters

Parents and students support growing rebellion of Las Vegas teachers

Over the past week, Las Vegas students and parents have been organizing walkouts and rallies in support of teachers at the Clark County School District (CCSD), the fifth-largest school district in the US with over 300,000 students and 18,000 teachers.

Hong Jian

Fed pauses rate increases but indicates more to come

The Fed wants the unemployment rate to rise, with projections by members of the FOMC—the so-called dot plot—putting the jobless rate at 4.1 percent next year, up from its present level of 3.8 percent.

Nick Beams

The rank and file demand an all-out strike in the auto industry!

The Autoworkers Rank-and-File Committee Network calls for workers at every factory to organize now to fight for an all-out strike. At each UAW local, meetings must be held involving the entire rank-and-file membership to discuss and vote on resolutions demanding all-out strike action.

Autoworkers Rank-and-File Committee Network

Stop the war on refugees in Europe!

The fact that all factions of the ruling class advocate terror against refugees underlines that workers and youth are confronted with revolutionary tasks.

Johannes Stern

Biden, Zelensky, and US generals call for expansion of war with Russia

The United States launched a full-court press to promote the escalation of the war in Ukraine on Tuesday, with simultaneous appearances by US President Joe Biden at the United Nations and America’s top military leaders at Ramstein, Germany, who pledged to continue the war “as long as it takes.”

Andre Damon

Another warning on US Treasury market instability

The Bank for International Settlements has said in its quarterly review that “speculation is back,” based on massive leverage with the potential to set off a crisis.

Nick Beams

Millionaire celebrities delay talk show return after Writers Guild announces negotiations with studios, networks

After facing enormous backlash on social media and on the picket lines, talk show hosts Bill Maher, Drew Barrymore, and Jennifer Hudson announced they would temporarily pause returning to their talk shows after the Writers Guild of America confirmed on Monday that they would resume negotiations with the major studios on Wednesday in the hopes of getting a deal “as soon as possible.”

Jacob Crosse, Marc Wells

Workers denounce Unifor’s extension of Ford strike deadline, call for joint struggle with American workers against Detroit Three

There is every reason to believe Unifor will declare an “historic victory” before the day is out and try to ram through a sellout agreement by week’s end. If they don’t, it will only because they fear that so blatant a “sweetheart deal” with Ford—at the expense of autoworkers in both Canada and the US—will fuel a rank-and-file rebellion and a movement for a North America-wide strike.

Our Reporter

New strain fuelling rising COVID infection in UK

The UK government having to accelerate its booster programme in response to the spread of another concerning variant exposes the lies of the Conservative and Labour parties which proclaimed as far back as February 2022 that the pandemic was over, and all could “live with COVID.”

Paul Bond

Excess deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic reach 26 million

An average of 7,000 people continue to die each day above the pre-pandemic baseline, with the overwhelming majority either directly from COVID-19 or due to the myriad negative long-term health impacts caused by the virus.

Evan Blake

Workers Struggles: The Americas

One-half million government workers in Panama mobilized last week over poor pay and terrible conditions while 4,000 Loblaw grocery workers in Manitoba and British Columbia have authorized a strike.

Australia: Steel worker dies on the job in Perth

This was the 15th workplace death in Western Australia since July 2022, and one of at least 110 worker fatalities recorded across the country since the start of the year.

Vicki Mylonas

Elon Musk, world’s richest promoter of antisemitism

For over two weeks, the world’s richest fascist has repeated some of the oldest and most vile antisemitic conspiracy tropes in repeated attacks against Jewish people and the Anti-Defamation League on Twitter/X.

Jacob Crosse

Royal Mail workers speak in run-up to next Postal Workers Rank-and-File Committee meeting

Postal workers spoke to reporting teams from the World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) in response to the PWRFC statement “Reinstate all victimised reps and postal workers! End the CWU-Lord Falconer conspiracy at Royal Mail!” and the WSWS article “Postal workers in Scotland and London vote for action as CWU-Royal Mail partnership ushers in savage attacks”.

our reporters

US imperialist hypocrisy and the Libyan flood

Condolences from Obama and Biden cannot cover up their responsibility for the US-NATO war which devastated Libya and set the stage for the death of at least 20,000 in flood-ravaged Derna.

Patrick Martin
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