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Coronavirus deaths in Germany reach 150,000

Last weekend, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) officially reported the 150,000th coronavirus death in Germany. This shocking milestone is the result of the profits-before-lives policy that all federal and state governments have pursued since the beginning of the pandemic.

Tamino Dreisam

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Oil refinery workers at TotalEnergies in France continue pay strike this week, joined by workers at state-owned nuclear power plants for one-day stoppage; one-day national rail strike in Belgium for improved staffing and conditions to end unbearable workload; UK dockers strike at two main ports over pay as limited strikes on railways and telecom continue; protests continue in Iran over police killing of Mahsa Amini; port and railroad workers on indefinite strike across South Africa over pay with more workers poised to join Monday; months-long strike by lecturers in Nigeria over pay and conditions faces legal action by government

A history of US threats to use nuclear weapons

The US and other imperialist powers have not only considered on several critical occasions using nuclear weapons to reverse military defeats. They have directly threatened to drop atom bombs in order to extract concessions from their enemies.

David North

In Germany, more and more depend on food banks

As a result of war, inflation and the energy price explosion, the number of people seeking help has doubled in two years from 1.1 million to more than 2 million.

Elisabeth Zimmermann

Child hunger “single biggest challenge” facing UK schools

The Chefs in Schools charity reports a “heart-breaking” increase in hungry children, with school chefs “actively going out and finding the kids who are hiding in the playground because they don’t think they can get a meal and feeding them.”

Julie Hyland

Ukraine forces advance dozens of miles in southern offensive

Just days after Russia officially announced the annexation of four regions of Ukraine partially under the control of Russian forces, the Ukrainian military staged its biggest military breakthrough in Southern Ukraine since the start of the war.

Andre Damon

Rapper Coolio dead at 59

While the rapper appears to rework themes made redundant by the early-1990s wave of gangster rap, Coolio-Ivey’s music is notable for its humorous, self-deprecating songs.

Nick Barrickman

Catastrophic situation at Berlin children’s hospitals

The Berlin Children’s Hospitals Initiative has sent a second “open letter” drawing attention to the devastating situation at children’s hospitals and child emergency centres in the capital.

Carola Kleinert, Markus Salzmann

Workers Struggles: The Americas

Public employees across Argentina struck September 27, while 600 Santa Cruz, California city workers saw their threatened strike aborted.

Open letter to Arriva London North drivers

The acceptance margin of just 56 percent for Arriva’s below-inflation pay deal shows Unite’s collusion and control rests on shaky grounds.

London Bus Rank-and-File Committee

Stop the war in Ukraine!

Not since October 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, has the world come so close to nuclear war as it is today.

Statement of the WSWS Editorial Board

Where to now for the UK and global financial system?

Regulatory authorities responsible for the £1.5 trillion UK pensions sector, which almost imploded last week, have been holding daily talks with asset managers to stave off a fresh crisis when an emergency Bank of England bond-buying program ends next week.

Nick Beams

Nurses’ union announces ratification of sellout contract at Michigan Medicine

The MNA-UMPNC (Michigan Nurses Association-University of Michigan Professional Nurse Council), after refusing to call a strike despite a massive strike authorization vote, has announced passage of a deal that meets none of the demands and needs of Michigan Medicine nurses.

WSWS Health Care Workers Newsletter

Québec Solidaire courts big business ahead of provincial election

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois used his appearance before Montreal's premier big business organization to reassure his audience that the pseudo-left Québec Solidaire is a “responsible” party dedicated to defending profits and can be trusted with the role of official opposition in Quebec’s next parliament.

Louis Girard

This week in history: October 3-9

This column profiles important historical events which took place during this week, 25 years ago, 50 years ago, 75 years ago and 100 years ago.

UK rail and postal workers speak during Saturday’s joint strike action

World Socialist Web Site reporters spoke to workers involved in Saturday’s strikes in Britain. These saw 50,000 rail workers almost completely shutdown the UK’s rail network, alongside a national strike by 115,000 postal workers, and industrial action at two of the country’s largest ports, Liverpool and Felixstowe.

our reporters

Australia: Knauf locks out plasterboard workers in Melbourne

The Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union is ensuring that the lockout will financially cripple workers, leaving them with no choice but to accept whatever rotten deal the company puts before them.

John Wilson, Martin Scott
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