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Russian autoworkers protest low wages

Seven workers were arrested when they and dozens of others laid down their tools at the lunch hour and refused to restart the line until that night.

Andrea Peters

Train horror in India: Another crime of decaying capitalism

The government has been spending lavishly on the military, as part of its deepening strategic alliance with US imperialism against China, while refusing to make the necessary investments in a rail system that is a crucial means of transportation for the country’s more than a billion people.

Arun Kumar, Patrick Martin

This week in history: June 5-11

This column profiles important historical events which took place during this week, 25 years ago, 50 years ago, 75 years ago and 100 years ago.

Biden’s debt deal: A bipartisan blueprint for war and austerity

The rapid and lopsided passage by both houses of Congress of the debt ceiling bill worked out between President Joe Biden and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, with the Democrats supplying the bulk of the votes, must serve as an object lesson on the unbridgeable class chasm between the entire political establishment and the working class.

Barry Grey

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

India: Utter Pradesh government workers protest against new pension scheme; Western Australian firefighters protest after rejecting pay offer; New Zealand nurses hold stop-works to demand pay rise

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Hundreds of North Sea oil workers’ strike over derisory pay offer; workers including transport workers, teachers and healthcare workers in Italy walk out in one day general strike demanding money for wages not war, and in defence of migrants; in Iran pensioners, striking truck drivers, oil and gas workers protest collapse of economy and regime’s police state attacks; Nigerian health workers walk out over salary structure and unpaid COVID hazard allowances

Sri Lankan government approves paying wards in state hospitals

The introduction of paying wards, to convert the free public health system to a paid service, is occurring amid a deliberate rundown of the public health system and its network of government hospitals.

Tisara Senanayake, Kamal Mahagama

Australian inflation rate moves back up as real wages continue to fall

Despite data which indicates a growing crisis for ever increasing sections of the population, the Reserve Bank of Australia, in line with its counterparts internationally, is determined to press ahead with the suppression of the living standards of the working class.

Nick Beams

Quebec’s political elite mounts hysterical anti-immigration campaign

A new stage has been reached in the Quebec ruling elite’s promotion of an explicitly chauvinistic Quebec nationalism, with the media and all four parties in the National Assembly lending support to hysterical claims of a “federalist plot” to destroy the “Quebec nation” through “mass” immigration.

Hugo Maltais, Richard Dufour

Growing number of elderly homeless in the US

Impoverishment of the working class and bipartisan destruction of the social safety net leading to elderly being thrown out on the streets, poorer health outcomes.

Chase Lawrence

The right-wing origins of Australia’s indigenous Voice

A book by two central advocates of the Labor government’s Voice scheme shows that, far from being a grassroots movement, it originated as a bid to head off anger and disaffection among ordinary indigenous people.

Mike Head

Where is our Zola?

It is not necessarily the case that no books about working lives are being written, only that they are not eagerly sought by the publishing industry.

James McDonald

What next in the growing dollar crisis?

Sanctions imposed by the US and the major imperialist powers against Russia at the start of the Ukraine war have produced some unintended consequences, most notably attempts to shift away from dependence on the dollar as the global reserve currency.

Nick Beams
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