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IYSSE holds first meeting at Otago University in New Zealand

The meeting in Dunedin last Thursday was held to establish the International Youth and Students for Social Equality as a student club at Otago, and to discuss the socialist strategy to fight against war and the genocide in Gaza.

Our reporters

Germany’s call for the bomb

Donald Trump’s announcement that he would no longer support European NATO states if he becomes president again, unless they rearm massively enough, is being used by the ruling class in Germany for an aggressive campaign in favour of its own nuclear weapons.

Johannes Stern

Nvidia and AI fuel market frenzy

Nvidia, which two years ago made most of its money from selling graphics cards for computer games, has now become the world’s third largest company by market value.

Nick Beams

Two years of the US-NATO war against Russia in Ukraine

The imperialist governments have not a shred of concern for “democracy” in Ukraine. In reality, they intend to bring Ukraine into their sphere of influence as part of their drive to carve up the Russian Federation, seize its natural resources, and thereby prepare for military conflict with China.

Jordan Shilton

After unions betray Quebec public sector workers’ struggle: Workers must draw the political lessons

Despite the militancy of the rank and file and immense public support, the nationalist pro-capitalist unions succeeded in running our struggle into the ground. If we are to prevail, the rank-and-file must build new organizations of struggle that fight to mobilize the social power of the working class, industrially and politically.

Quebec Public Sector Workers Rank-and-File Coordinating Committee

New Zealand working class faces deepening social crisis

The full-frontal assault on living standards is the product of deliberate class policies, carried out for six years under Labour and now intensified by the far-right National-Party led coalition.

John Braddock

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

India: Apple phone manufacturing workers strike in Tamil Nadu for higher pay; Sri Lankan government sector educators protest for wage adjustments; DP world electricians locked out at Port Brisbane during wage negotiations

The Assange case and the working class

The forces arrayed against Assange are powerful. But there is another, even more formidable force which has yet to have its say—the British, American and international working class.

Thomas Scripps

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Farmers’ protests across Europe and worldwide signify food security threatened by austerity measures to fund wars and super-profits of rich; Iraqi teachers in some Kurdistan-controlled provinces continue stoppage over pay and conditions begun September; indefinite pay strike by public sector workers in Niger State, Nigeria as inflation hits 28 percent

The Munich War Conference

This year’s Munich Security Conference went further than any previous one. It served directly and immediately to intensify ongoing wars. The order of the day was not “peace through dialogue,” but military escalation.

Peter Schwarz

Top UN court hearings expose longstanding Israeli plans to occupy and annex Palestinian land

At the same time that the US exercised its veto power on the Security Council to clear the way for Israel’s ongoing war of annihilation against the civilian population of Gaza, legal proceedings were underway in the International Court of Justice exposing the extent to which Israel has been flouting international law for decades in its drive to illegally occupy and annex Palestinian territory.

Tom Carter

Sri Lanka: Jaffna University Student Union’s silence on Gaza war

The silence on the Gaza massacre in an indictment not only of the student union but of the associated Tamil nationalist parties that beg for the US—the Zionist regime’s chief backer—to support their calls for greater powers in Sri Lanka.

Naveen Dewage

UK postal workers demand freedom for Julian Assange

The Postal Workers Rank-and-File Committee has appealed for resolutions to be passed in workplaces and for messages of support for Julian Assange demanding an end to extradition proceedings against him and his immediate and unconditional freedom.

Our correspondent

Gaza genocide death toll crosses 29,000

When the number of dead, missing, and wounded are added up, the figure comes to over 100,000, or four percent of the population of Gaza.

Andre Damon

Workers Struggles: The Americas

Rail workers in Argentina plan to strike Wednesday against austerity while 273 workers at the Marathon refinery in Detroit have voted overwhelmingly in favor of strike.

American Fiction founders on American reality

The movie has a sharp, amusing bent when it criticizes such legitimate targets as fake “gangsta” culture, but, in the end, it falls back all too lazily on racialist cliches.

Joanne Laurier
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