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Long COVID survivor urges people to attend October 24 webinar

Katie said Long COVID survivors have been “forgotten and let down by the government and the medical establishment. I no longer feel like I am a part of society, I’m just coping with my symptoms every day.”

Norisa Diaz, Kevin Martinez

Police across US refuse COVID-19 vaccines

Police departments have faced resistance in their efforts to get officers to comply with vaccine mandates, despite reports indicating that COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death for US police.

Trévon Austin

COVID-19 surge spreads across Europe

While Britain and Eastern Europe are particularly hard hit, with hundreds of deaths every day, the number of cases is again growing across the entire continent.

Johannes Stern, Alex Lantier

Global Online Picket Line: Oct 22 school strike

Today, parents, teachers and workers in countries around the world are once again supporting the call from UK parent Lisa Diaz for a one day school strike to fight against the deadly reopening of schools as the COVID-19 pandemic rages.

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Statements of support for composer Bright Sheng

The WSWS has received copies of many statements sent to the University of Michigan protesting actions taken against composer Bright Sheng for showing a film version of Shakespeare’s Othello.

Australia: Sydney rail workers strike for 24 hours

Wednesday’s walk-out follows a round of action late last month, including a four-hour strike on September 28, the first total stoppage on the state’s rails in decades.

Martin Scott

China’s Evergrande crisis at a turning point

The key issue in the Evergrande crisis is whether the government and financial authorities will be able to stave off the effects of the developing slump in real estate and property development on the broader economy.

Nick Beams

Union sabotages GM workers strike vote in Brazil

As workers in São Caetano were being threatened by GM, the union announced it would do nothing to protect them, and that continuing the strike was a purely individual decision.

Eduardo Parati

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Danish nurses continue one-hour wildcat strikes over pay and understaffing in defiance of unions and fines; French public transport workers’ strikes among bus drivers, coach drivers and rail workers over pay, conditions and privatisation; South African metal workers national pay strike in third week threatened as union moves towards company offer; Sunday stoppages by ScotRail workers, Scotland begun March continue to demand equal overtime rates with drivers

Jefferson and Shakespeare: Miseducation and class struggle in America

Within one month, a University of Michigan professor has been removed from his course for screening a film version of Shakespeare’s Othello, and the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio has decreed that it will remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson.

James McDonald

Republicans block vote on Democrats’ voting reform bill

Senate Republicans used a filibuster to block a vote on federal voting rights reform on Wednesday. The “Freedom to Vote Act” is the third Democratic Party voting rights bill to fail to pass the Senate this year.

Alex Findijs

Biden accepts shredding of his social welfare/climate bill

The social welfare legislation touted by Bernie Sanders and his pseudo-left supporters as proof that major reforms could be enacted through the Democratic Party has turned into an object lesson on precisely the opposite.

Barry Grey

Marked slowdown in China’s growth rate

The lowered growth rate is attributable to a series of problems including the surge in global inflation, power shortages, clampdowns imposed to eliminate COVID-19 outbreaks and a slowing property market.

Nick Beams
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