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Washington Post demands “boots on the ground” in Haiti

The Washington Post has a long and sordid record of promoting US “boots on the ground,” and if the intervention that the Post is advocating in Haiti is realized, it will unleash another crime against the Haitian people.

Bill Van Auken

The Volvo strike in Virginia, what are the lessons for Amazon workers?

The bravery shown by the Volvo strikers during this weeks-long two-front confrontation has been an inspiration to workers around the world who are seeking to improve their conditions after a year of working through the pandemic and now with consumer prices on the rise.

Baltimore Amazon Rank-and-File Committee

Death of Menards worker in Minnesota draws protests

At a protest in the parking lot of the Menards store where 19-year-old store worker James Stanback was killed, family members gave moving testimony about his death, pointing to a deliberate cover-up by the company.

Jessica Goldstein

Workers Struggles: The Americas

Some 2,200 workers at Bombardier in Toronto could walk out July 27 if a settlement isn’t reached, while truckers in Honduras and Puerto Rico staged shutdowns to demand rate rises to meet rising inflation.

Debtors’ prisons on the rise as COVID-19 ravages the southern United States

On July 6, 55-year-old Charles Anderson spent his last day in Marion County Jail. He was arrested 28 days prior for unpaid debts regarding his failure to make monthly payments and fees associated with three court cases dating back to 2003. Upon his arrest, he was jailed with three other men in a 6-by-10-foot cell.

Cordell Gascoigne

This week in history: July 26-August 1

This column profiles important historical events which took place during this week, 25 years ago, 50 years ago, 75 years ago and 100 years ago.

Campaign in Banbury reveals solid support for JDE workers

Many workers in Banbury critised Unite’s sellout deal and spoke of similar attacks on conditions and pay at their own workplaces, especially during the pandemic. Some took bundles of Socialist Equality Party leaflets to give to others.

Rory Woods and Ioan Petrescu

The Olympics open in the shadow of mass death

The ongoing spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant threatens to transform this year’s summer Olympics, which opened July 23, from an international sporting event into a global superspreader event.

Bryan Dyne

Democrats drop defense of voting rights after Biden’s Philadelphia speech

In a speech last week, President Biden linked the Republican assault on voting rights to the attempted coup of January 6, calling it the greatest threat to American democracy since the Civil War. Within days of the speech, Biden and the Democrats effectively abandoned any effort to pass voting rights legislation.

Alex Findijs

ECB set to open the financial spigots wider

The ECB meeting on Thursday demonstrated the continuing support for an ultra-easy monetary policy against opposition from Germany and other northern European representatives on its governing council.

Nick Beams

Exponential rise in Germany of new coronavirus infections

On Thursday, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported almost 2,000 new cases and the nationwide seven-day incidence rate rose to over 12 per 100,000. The reproductive number (R) is 1.19, which means a strong exponential increase.

Gregor Link

UK media declares contact-tracing “pingdemic” to distract from raging pandemic

The substitution of a supposed “pingdemic” for a very real and escalating pandemic is a calculated ploy, designed to create the impression that the biggest danger to the UK population is not COVID-19 but the measures used to contain it. Its purpose is to reinforce the message that we must all “learn to live with the virus.”

Thomas Scripps

UK “Borders Bill” criminalises asylum-seekers

The government has already blocked all “legal” means for migrants to reach Britain, through fines on airlines and other transportation companies for allowing someone to travel without a visa.

Julie Hyland

The gyrations of Wall Street

The Wall Street swings are the outcome of tidal wave-like movements of money, amounting to trillions of dollars, pumped into the financial system by the Fed since last March.

Nick Beams
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